Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Very very old artwork!

Hey Guys,
I was going through some old high school (*gasp*) artwork and thought I might show it on here for kicks. :)

This is a color pencil drawing (using prisma color pencils) of random paper and plastic plates stapled to the wall in my old art classroom.

The Goddess Eriu in watercolor paints (but acrylic lettering)

This is a sketch I started- and as you can see never finished- which originally was going to be a watercolor painting...but well I got carried away in the drawing proccess. 
What I planed to do was create (in the background) more futuristic military people in a straight line formation.

The sentence at the time that kept poping in my mind was "No matter how advanced we are, there will always be war."

So I wanted to show an androgynous woman, head bent, deep in thought of ethics while men and women- to the side of her- are all looking upward, staight backed, with extreme pride on their faces.
 Normally I don't do futuristic art- it's just not my style- but I really enjoyed the concept behind this piece. And of course no piece is me without some celtic design. (See the triskele on the armor :)

~Eire Crescent

Friday, June 4, 2010

Earthy Grimoire

Hello all of my Pagan and Witchy friends!
 I'm pretty excited to be posting this new item that I have created- It's still not done yet though! I started this project at 12:30am last night, but had dyed the leather green about a week ago.
The book has 120 thick ivory pages, and it is about 5 inches wide by 6  1/2  inches tall. I plan to be adding some sort of clasp or closure on the book, I may paint celtic knots and zoomorphic designs on the back and spine. What I definitely be doing is modifying the inside of the book adding colored pages/and organic items. (I will be posting pictures of the inside later once I finish.)

Here you go! (Oh, once this book is finished, it will be for sale too!)

I hope you guys like it- I had a blast making it!
~Eire Crescent

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NEW Crafts!!! (Pagan jewelry and more!)

Hello my fabulous Pagan and Witchy friends!
By the Goddess, I have a loaded post for you today! I've been a busy bee this last week (I think it's a mix of procrastinating on my studies and my disappointment on Swap Bot as of late) and have been crafting like crazy.

P.S. All of this stuff is FOR SALE! Price is below this picture. Email: if you are interested!

Alrighty, first thing, I am categorizing this for you, so you can scroll to what you want:

1. Pagan Book thong
2. Hedgewitchs' Book of shadows/ Grimoire
3. Rose Wand (made from real roses!!!)
4. Fancy Pendulum
5. Mini Herbal Spell bottles
6. Pentacle anklet
7. Moonstone Pentacle


(This pic does it no justice...)
This bookmark is made of sterling sliver fastenings (aka clamp bead) and sterling silver wire.
Beads include multicolored pearls, silver beads, blue crystal and moonstone (it's part of the pentacle)
The long clear crystal at the bottom has a pearl at the top, that is  hand painted with the Triple Moon/ Goddess Symbol.

length is: about 13 inches long

 Price $7.00 (total with shipping)

2. Hedgewitchs' Book of shadows/ Grimoire:

price: $24 (total with shipping)

This book is made of real leather, hand bound, with dark paper stock ivory paper- in the pic's you can't really tell.
It's 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide, and has 80 blank pages

3. Rose Wand (made from real roses!!!)

$12.00 (total with shipping)

The Rose Wand is made from 3 rose stems, a leather cord, gold-tone wire, and a long quartz crystal.
The rose stems are completely dry, but has still maintained it's green coloring. (Also for some reason the intwined stems are very silky feeling.)

It is a little over 13 inches long.

4. Fancy Pendulum 

Price: $12 (total with shipping)

Large chunk of quartz at one end and a smaller crystal at the other. There are pearls, clear quartz, green crystals, a metal flip bead that has a moon on one side and a sun on the other, and silver bead spacers.  The fastening (aka clamp bead) as each end is made of sterling silver.

5. Mini Herbal Spell bottles

Two bottles Price: $ 5.00 (total with shipping)


Both bottles are made of plastic, and have a melted wax seal on top of a crescent moon and star.
The herbal Protection spell bottle- consists of chamomile blossoms- promotes protection, calm; dill seeds-which promotes restful sleep and protection too.
The herbal Love spell bottle- consists of Lavender, jasmine, and white sage- all promoting love and purification. (there is also a mini clear crystal in the is one)

6. Pentacle anklet

Price: $12 (total with shipping)

Pearls, blue crystal, silver beads, crystal, moonstone, silver fastenings/clamp bead

7. Moonstone Pentacle

Half an inch long, moonstone beads and sterling silver wire (that's why it a tad expensive)
Price: 2.00 (total with shipping)

Good for adding on a bookmark and little crafts! :D

Okay guys, that's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it!
Goddess Bless!
~Eire Crescent

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goddess Bookmark

Greetings my Witchy and Pagan friends!
       Well, I've been sick unfortunately for a few weeks and it has delayed my crafting time. However, last week  I made this nifty bookmark and I thought I would share it will you all! I had been reading "Evolutionary Witchcraft by T. Thorn Coyle (which is a wonderful book by the way) and found a really great sentence that I had to put on the book mark.  ****If you want to know how I made it, the instructions are below the pictures.****  

It says: " Holy Mother, in whom we live, move, and have our being, from you all things emerge and unto you all things return." by T. Thorn Coyle from the book Evolutionary Witchcraft.


1. Cut  a piece of *thick* canvas cloth into a rectangle. 6 and 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide

2. Taking the edge of the canvas cloth pluck a single loose strand and pull down. This creates a shredded edge. Keep doing this on all the sides until desired fringe is achieved.

3. Get Elmers Glue, then with a wide paint brush apply several layers on the canvas. Basically your trying to rid of the bumps on the canvas to make it easier to write on.

4. Once the glue is completely dry and your favorite Goddess/ Pagan/ Witchy saying using a pen that is NOT ball point. 

5. Once you wrote down the saying, then paint the canvas cloth using water color paint. ( Don't forget to paint the back too.) Try to not get the words very wet to avoid any running/erasing. 

6. Cut a ribbon in two pieces the length of the top (I used a thin gold ribbon) and glue to the top and bottom of the bookmark.

7. Using very thick paper, cut out a small crescent moon and with silver paint or silver ink, paint the crescent and glue to the top below the ribbon.

8. If you have any dried flowers paste it to the bottom using Elmers glue then add several layers to the top of the plant. 

9. That's it, your done! Lot's of steps for a bookmark huh? 
Have fun!

~Eire Crescent

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Healing Magick Herbal Blend

Greetings my Pagan and Witchy friends!
Well, like I said in my last post, I've been rather crafty as of late so here is the healing and love magick blend I made for my partner on swap-bot. I melted silver wax on the cork, added a quartz crystal and made both labels for the jar.
The ingredients are Jasmine, Lavender, Rose buds and White sage! I took lots of pictures again! LOL
Eire Crescent

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goddess Bracelet

Hello Everyone!
Well I have just been so crafty the last couple days (because of all the new beads I bought- Yay!) that I am going to share with you the bracelet I just created (for myself)! It is also based on the swap that I am hosting on Swap-Bot called "Sisters of the Great Goddess." Sorry, I got a little picture crazy, enjoy!
~Eire Crescent

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pagan Necklace- my choice for the element Water!

Greetings Everyone!
For this entry I'm posting the picture of the Pagan Elemental Prayer Bead necklace that I made!

The necklace is made of cobalt blue glass beads, moonstone, silver, and pears, strung on thin steel string.