Friday, June 4, 2010

Earthy Grimoire

Hello all of my Pagan and Witchy friends!
 I'm pretty excited to be posting this new item that I have created- It's still not done yet though! I started this project at 12:30am last night, but had dyed the leather green about a week ago.
The book has 120 thick ivory pages, and it is about 5 inches wide by 6  1/2  inches tall. I plan to be adding some sort of clasp or closure on the book, I may paint celtic knots and zoomorphic designs on the back and spine. What I definitely be doing is modifying the inside of the book adding colored pages/and organic items. (I will be posting pictures of the inside later once I finish.)

Here you go! (Oh, once this book is finished, it will be for sale too!)

I hope you guys like it- I had a blast making it!
~Eire Crescent

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