Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Crafts- Swap Bot

Greetings my fellow Pagans and Witches!
      I have some very exciting news (I think it is exciting anyway) I will be hosting 2 new Swaps on Swap Bot ( coming up very very soon. With Samhain just around the corner, I feel the magick in the air and the need to create very witchy stuff ever more present.

Here are the swap plans:
1. Create a pagan/witch charm bracelet. This bracelet will have LOADS of goodies on it. Some examples are spirals, pictures of the Goddess, a cauldron, sparkly beads, you name it! Some pics that inspired this idea are:
(all 3 pics below are from etsy)

2. The Witchy  Kit- this will be a wooden box loaded with everything a pagan/ witch might need. It can have a grimoire, nifty botttles, candles, altar cloth, lunar calendar, divination stuff- eg. runes, pendulum, tarot bag; wand; chalice, herbs, literally EVERYTHING lol! 
Images that inspired me were: 
(celestial box from either flickr or etsy I can't remember which)

The picture to the left was created by Bathory from: 

If you are interested in joining in these swaps you must first join! If you would rather not swap, but wish to buy the items that will be made (I will upload the pic's when I have created a sample product; email me at:
       also, here is my swap bot profile page:
That's all for today!
~Eire Crescent

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Blessed Greetings Everyone!

I just wanted to pop a quick post out there and let everyone know this blog is currently under construction. With college homework looming, it may take me awhile to post all the things that I wish to, so please be patient. : )

Another notable mention today is that Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival is being held in Pennsylvania and they need our pagan support! So keep them in your hearts and pray to the Goddess all goes well today! I read that there will be pagan protestors unfortunately. You can view this article at:

 I also read this on    which is a Christian website, and had a post against this festival, and well, it really irked me. It shows that ignorance about the pagan community is alive and well, and some really don't care to be informed.

Until Next Time!
          ~Eire Crescent