Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goddess Blessing and Affirmation - Swap Bot

Hello Everyone!
As indicated by the title, I shall be writing about my new Swap Bot craft that I will be hosting soon! This is a necklace that reminds us- as children of the Goddess- our sacred oath. It's an affirmation and a blessing piece.

The necklace making steps:
1.  Buy a 'slider." A slider is basically a thick metal tube which may or may not have a small loop attached beneath it. (In the pic the loop is a the top because the slider is upside down.)

2. Get a small stone/ crystal/ metal charm (I prefer the way stone looks though with this piece)
and attach it (via thin metal thread) to the slider loop.

3. Next the extra special part. Get a colored piece of paper (preferably hand dyed- no crappy construction paper) and write your own sacred blessing and affirmation to/about the Goddess.

The one I created says:

Bless those who wake by the Goddesses rays,
Bless those who thrive in Her Light,
Bless those who walk Her Path each day,
Even in the Night.

This day is sacred, as is all days that come forward,
Ever changing, growing, loving,
May I always be honest and caring
On my path today.

May my actions harm none.
May my word be only truth.
For My thoughts change the world,
Even in Youth.

The Goddess walks beside and in me,
And on this path today and always,

Guides me.

4. After you create the affirmation, write it on the colored paper, and decorate the back (I chose to do a very simple design with silver ink. I outlined the edge in silver ink, on both ends of the paper are silver crescent moons and in the center is a pentacle. )

5. Next get a chord (I used a dark leather one) and slide it through the
"slider" piece *then* with your paper affirmation, roll it tightly and slide it through the tube.

6. Now all you have to do is enjoy it because your DONE!!!

Thanks for viewing! (if you have any questions or comments email me at trueharpcelt@yahoo.com)

Eire Crescent

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