Thursday, October 29, 2009

Faces of the Goddess Charms (Swap Bot Round #1)

Hello Everyone!
This post will be about the Faces of the Goddess charm swap- who the makers chose for their Goddess charm and a little background on each of the Goddesses. (This will be a continuously updated post so keep watching it for new pics and info!)

1. Coventina- (Submitted by Cari (CariahCreates) from swap bot)
"Coventina is a Celtic river goddess known for healing. She is also associated with renewal, abundance, new beginnings, life cycles, inspiration, childbirth, wishes and prophecy. There are shrines to her at Carrawburgh, along Hadrian's Wall. In worship to her, coins and other objects were tossed into the wells as offerings for sympathetic magic. These wells represent the earth womb, where the Celts felt her power could be most strongly felt. Her symbols are the cauldron, cup, water, coins, broaches and wells. The moon that corresponds to her is the Reed Moon and her aspect is divination. A lot of the information on her has been lost, even so it known that she was looked upon as the queen of the river Goddesses. From Scotland comes her association with the underworld, where she was the Goddess of featherless flying creatures which could pass to the Otherworld. Being a river goddess, she is connected the ebb and flow of time.   There is also an assoication of her to "The Lady of the Lake" from the story of King Arthur."

"I chose Coventina as I was looking for a Celtic water goddess.  Although my ancestry is mixed, my heritage is predominantly Irish.  I’m a Pisces and ironically my greatest fear is of drowning so I decided that looking into the power of Coventina and adopting her as my symbol could protect me from this fear.  I also found her history and the archaeological evidence uncovered in one of her shrines fascinating, particularly as it appears that the modern concept of the wishing well (throwing in a penny) originated with her. The charm I’m including signifies an ancient coin, similar to one which her worshippers would have thrown into her well in order to bring good luck and prosperity." ~ Cari

2. Danu- (created by (me!) Brittany (broche) from swap bot)
"Danu is also known as Danann, the Irish Dana, the Greek Dione, the Welsh Donn, and Anu. She is also called Mother of Gods, Great Mother, and Moon Goddess. Her name means teacher and wisdom. It is also said that Danu is the power that is the land, never to be  overcome by mortals. Her power is in the imagination of those who see magick in the twilight mist between the worlds. Her powerful presence can aide you in achieving anything you desire, especially motherhood, fertility, healing of children, and magick, and anything creative.Mother of the gods, she was patron Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, the 4th wave of colonies that arrived in Ireland, prior to the Sons of Mil, centuries before Christianity. The Tuatha De Danann (the people of the goddess Danu) became the gods and goddesses of the Sons of Mil, after they were driven "underground." The Tuatha De Danann became known as the faery, and were said to inhabit the Sidhe. The Sidhe (shee) is a magickal place beneath the large mounds in Ireland. Danu is not only the Faery Queen, She is also goddess of Water."

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